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01 March 2010 @ 01:32 am
no wait, now I'm over here!


I made it myself, it's on my site, and it's perfect.


sometimes I'll check in to lj (hello holmes/watson communities), but if you want to check into me, that's where I be at.

thx u friends

07 October 2009 @ 01:32 am
goodbye livejournal. I'll stick around to read friend's/community posts.

but anything I feel like saying will all be located/updated in one convenient internet stop shop:

thx u.
20 September 2009 @ 05:18 pm
can't wait for the day I'm surrounded by japanese people (hopefully not about to beat me up) they are so much more quieter... ahh shh nice. in the mean time, everyone STFU

I got an email telling me the end (of my lj paid account) is near. demising shortly.
10 September 2009 @ 03:02 am

secret passage
Originally uploaded by whatsuptiger
the 09-09-09 shoot has come and gone. I'm glad my boyfriend will put up with these things. oh, but how much fun! spending the night, just switching cameras and poses and dresses rolling around ... and free breakfast in the morning! the life of a photographer/model. sigh.

cameras + make-up + dressing up + handsome bf + handsome suit + stylin hotels = things I love. a mighty nice equation. a well spent 9-9-09.
06 September 2009 @ 10:26 pm
geeze, blogging? on lj? it's like I have nothing to say to the www anymore. maybe I'll curl up on a secret spot on the internet later on, when I think I have more urgent ramblings to spout to space. I'll tell you when. in the meantime, I'm using up this paid account until october. I can't believe it's already 2 months away from a year ago I was in japan. does time move quickly? there's so much of it though. especially when you wake up way before 11, like I have lately!

I'm going to wear this for devin's handsome suit photoshoot we're having at the ace hotel in seattle. he had a custom suit made to fit his 6'7 underweight frame. it's going to be a sexy hot awesome shoot and I'm wearing a long long haired wig. so long, it covers my nips! like mermaid hair! long hair is awesome, especially when you can take it the eff off. I will never have the patience to grow my hair that long. my hair is a real mess right now. stay tuned to my flickr for sexy shoot results.

2008 my hair ruled. 2009 my hair drools.

things have changed since I last wrote. I turned 24. it's weird to be so close to 25. not into it. I better get into gear before then. in the meantime, I got movies to watch and smoothies to drink.

I got some new cameras coming to me in the mail. THIS IS WHAT I SPEND ALL MY MONEY ON. except I got a new credit card. HELLO.
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01 August 2009 @ 02:18 am
to get this out of the way-- I'd like to complain that I accidentally bought awful juice that is mixed with all the worst juices that I'm not supposed to drink. reminds me of how america has awful juice and japan has the best flavors of real juices. another one for japan! I am loosing sorely.

just a few more steps (and $250) closer to complete room. I'm going to buy a japanese futon to replace my huge bed so I can fold it up sometimes to do other things. that will cost me. in the meantime, I'm almost done putting up my complicated situation covering the door I had to block ($50) into the kitchen. I live in the dinning room. I also must clear some things out, like excess pikachus (say it isn't so! it's so). then my room will be flowing with rich chi. hopefully literally, I could use some monies.

korean pose

I got a little hair cut for clean-up since I was a shaggy mess trying to grow out my hair. right now I feel like my head looks like some sort of fruit. I tried to dye it red on one side and a gradient to brown on the other. unfortunately the colors are very close together so it's not super obvious. I might try re-dying it later so it's more noticeable to the naked eye.

speaking of korean pose, devin and I made korean friends... FROM KOREA! long boring story short, they were at a family BBQ this past weekend. if only all family gatherings involved native koreans, I would always look forward to them. speaking of KOREA!--I reunited with my korean friend (NOT from korea) from jr high, GRACE! we live a few blocks from each other, things are great.

1 nice thing about facebook, reuniting people you actually like. does it combat the fact that people I didn't even talk to in high school add me a lot? or that the user interface is really awful? whatever, I'm nitpicking.

in other other news, it was christmas in july (washers and dryers anyone?) when I just developed 5 rolls of film and have been uploading them to flickr. I'm so into flickr right now. always had it, but now feeling pretty good about it. communities, film and such. photography is a fun hobby. I'm really loving my olympus ees-2, along with my horizon.

new camera collecting rule: get only cameras that can do what digital can't in one click. I'm super obsessed with this japanese camera that is expensive and rare and out of print. Fuji Natura Classica. takes the pics I always want to take! natural light/night shots to blow your mind. I want.

birthday soon!
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24 July 2009 @ 03:03 am

Originally uploaded by a-tomic
Click this picture to check out the details behind the "mini-towras" I collected in Japan.

Also check out the Nara deer hand towel, and notice the deer in the the lower left corner is farting so hard he is being lifted off the ground. Those Nara deer and their unique personalities!
13 July 2009 @ 02:09 am

I just really want to write about the fact I got to play ff6 today. I had a strange strong urge to play it and it felt like I was revisiting a small town I grew up in.

Chrono Trigger, Earthbound and Final Fantasy 6 is the greatest tri-fecta of my childhood-nostalgia-snes ultima triforce. I'm not sure what I just said made sense, but I think you understand.

I like when I was in my tweens and conquering the shit out of the snes, for the first time in my RPG playing life I actually renamed the characters in FF6. I trusted the game manufacturers choice in names, but I thought I was clever and came up with something better. pairs of names from other things I liked! I had a sailor moon pair, a lucas-arts game pair, a samurai pizza cats pair, and even a semi-meta renaming from chrono trigger. for example I named Locke 'Calvin' and the Moogle Mog 'Hobbes'. how much more clever can a 12 year old get, let me ask you that.

I remember following the guide book and not liking Amano's character concept designs. what an under developed 12 year old brain I had. over the years I have come to let Amano's unique and dramatically beautiful art grow on me. I bought some of his art books when in Japan.

I was hoping to get to the rainy-slum town Zozo, but that's like 15 hours of game play AT LEAST (sans POWERING UP on the world map!!). reminds me of the rainy town in FF9, also a game I enjoyed immensely. games with rainy towns, that's the ticket I tell ya. I also enjoy when it rains in harvest moon, you don't have to water the crops that day. there is absolutely nothing bad about a little rain, in real life or video game life.

did you know in japan, Terra's name is Tina? how lame if they kept it Tina in America! some white trash part-time stripper school drop out with fake hot pink nails, chews gum with her mouth open and uses too much hair-spray? unbelievable name to be a half-esper! it was thought to be 'exotic' in japan. not so much here.

I love that video game life. but now is the time to do something with real life, and video games might seem "a waste of time". oh how that saddens me. I am stuck in between two worlds, two groups. a real world where people "DO" things with their lives and a world of happiness and joy of playing video games but also associating with people who actually do that too much and they don't bathe or socialize. I'm in Grey-area gaming. like, playing a DS on a long flight. sigh.

snes makes me feel soooooooooooooo good. I also toy with the idea of one day owning a super famicom. when in japan, they still sold them new! japan is (still) where it's at. they are serious about gaming. so serious they make games like this:

a neutered flying cat named 'mike' shooting missiles at a giant bunny school girl.
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius.

in other news I think I may have been over-hyphenating things improperly, and all my things are still in boxes.
I just stayed up too late.

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